My name is Alexander I.Grafov (Александр Иванович Графов). I had used various nicknames but all they have been lost in internet timeline so I back to my original name. I’am speak Russian natively and speak English a bit (after years of my life I still learn this fucked beautiful “international” language though I would prefer to learn Esperanto instead). Anyway you can write me in any language that possible to translate with Google. I like foreign languages :)

Contact me if you’re interested in my projects. I would prefer Pull Requests though :)

На страницах возможен мат, злобная нетолерантность и описания извращений всяких (советы по настройке линукса, например). Потому, блюдя законодательство своей страны доступ лицам 18+ и всё такое. Если что, я предупреждал!

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