Alexander I.Grafov

Software engineer, Teamlead


Bring the best of opensource software to the business areas for making reliable solutions. Try to be open minded, don't stay with old-well-known technologies. Spread the knowledge.



Architect and develop solutions for various backend tasks in Linux environment. Webapps, SOA. I like to carefully document the code.


Deployment solutions and CI setup. Maintaining of infrastructure for webapps. The systems and apps monitoring. Good knowledge of Linux ecosystem.

Project management

Proven ability to lead and manage a variety of infrastructure and development projects in team and independent situations.

Tech areas

  • Golang
  • Docker
  • Git
  • PostgreSQL
  • NSQ
  • Redis
  • Prometheus
  • Traefik
  • Linux


  • In the past I have been initiator and leader of Russian Drupal community at


Self Employed Consultant


IT consulting.

Performance Marketing Agency

Team Lead


The social application for genalogy and keeping family relations. I created the architecture and participate in development of backend for mobile/web. Lead the small team of developers and QA.

Go, Git, Postgres, HTTP/JSON, NSQ, Redis, Prometheus, Traefik, Nginx, Docker, Yandex Cloud, YouTrack, Gitlab

Energy-Transformation LLC

Team Lead


The project for monitoring in electroenergetics. I created the architecture and participated in development. Lead the small team of developers and QA.

Go, Git, Postgres, HTTP/JSON/Websockets, NSQ, Redis, Prometheus, Traefik, Nginx, Docker, YouTrack, Gitlab

Avtopass LLC

Project Lead


I was lead development of project of Ticket Distribution System. It was migration from PHP legacy system to SOA. I developed new architecture, split up the logic between microservices. I participated in backend development.

Go, Git, Postgres, HTTP/JSON/gRPC, YouTrack, Gitlab

Lazada Group

Senior Go Developer


SOA development in Go for the largest in Southeast Asia ecommerce platform. I programmed various business features for the search backend (based on ElasticSearch and Aerospike). I proposed architecture and scaled the Product Import service (the tool for filling search index that used RabbitMQ, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Aerospike) to satisfy the growth (more than ten times) of the products amount. I integrated various services into application monitoring and helped move our infrastructure from expensive proprietary SaaS to opensource solution (Prometheus, Grafana). During last year in Lazada I was in role of team lead of the Product Import team.

Go, Git, ElasticSearch, Aerospike, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Etcd, HTTP/JSON/gRPC

Lifestream ("Smotreshka TV")

Software Engineer


Programming in Go and devops. I participated in development of middleware of ОТТ/IPTV system for LifeStream ("Smotreshka" brand). I programmed various featues like load balancer HTTP/WS and "2nd Screen" with websockets. Mostly I concentrated on ifrastructure tasks. I added GetSentry support into backends, proposed CI on Buildbot and moved the backend development into it. I setup application monitoring on Zabbix.

Go, GetSentry, Buildbot, Gentoo Linux, MongoDB, Zabbix, Nginx.

Bradbury Lab

Senior Architect → Head of Engineering Department → Head of R&D


My main responsibility was development of the architecture of Bradbury Lab TV platform: F451 mediaserver, middleware, CDN, live transcoders integration, VOD transcoding. I'm successfully moved company development to Go language, interviewed and coach the developers for using the new programming language that was not well known in those times.

Beside architecture I had a lot of management tasks related to devops and development. We succesfully made F451, VOD transcoding and other middleware parts in Go. I participated practically in all the projects of Bradbury Lab for these times. There was successfully launched projects for Rostelecom, MTS, GNC-Alfa (Armenia) and so on.

Company infrastructure was consist of > 150 hardware machines with a lot of virtual hosts.

Go, Python, PHP, Mongo, Redis, Postgres, MySQL, Nginx, HAProxy, Redmine, Gitlab, SaltStack, OpenVZ, Debian/Ubuntu/Gentoo Linux, Wowza Mediaserver, Zabbix.


Software Architect


I worked as programmer and architect in development of elearning platform for Skolkovo. I developed architecture and wrote project documentation for the presale project for Beeline. I made security audit of website. As an architect I estimated development efforts for various projects. Also I was involved in interviewing of the new developers.

Drupal, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Apache Solr, Subversion, CentOS GNU/Linux, Netsparker, Skipfish

Avicomp Services

System Architect


I participated in development of webapps for "Electronic Russia" project for "RIA Novosti" company. I radically simplified project architecture by replacing proprietary components with their opensource analogs. I proposed and implemented services interaction with AMPQ. I proposed HA solution for the project and was involved into its realization and testing. I was responsible for communication with customer' tech stuff and successfully made release of the product.

Oracle 11, Ontos (proprietary semantic search), PHP, Python, SphinxSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, RabbitMQ, Subversion, Suse Open Build Service, Linux HA.

Previous places


Were was various works for Technoserv, Russian Public Relations, other forgotten companies and countless freelance jobs.

During my career I have touched various technologies and programmed for different systems, for example PHP4-5, Drupal CMF, Oracle 7-8, ABAP/4 and BC for SAP R/3, Delphi 3-4, Solaris, SunOS, FreeBSD, Windows NT4 and so on. Though I have no intentions to come back to these (mostly obsoleted) technologies.


Citizenship: Russian Federation

Spoken languages: fluent Russian, intermediate English (B2~C1).


Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics — Moscow, Russia

Radiotechnics & Television Broadcasting Engineer

Alexander I.Grafov — — +7903 7616549